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The personal growth I experienced in working with Jennifer through her program ‘Designing Your Fulfilled Life’ astounds me on a daily basis. Learning to confront my fears, limiting beliefs, and the life I want to lead was and continues to be liberating. The lessons provided in the program continue to be a guiding factor in my daily life, and I continue to improve the quality of my life each day through those lessons. Jennifer provided a safe and encouraging environment in which to navigate what makes me me and how to move forward as the best me possible!


Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

These Nashville Hot Chicken sandwiches will have your mouth watering, begging for more! If you've ever been to Nashville, and you're a foodie, you know that the Nashville hot chicken sandwich is a MUST try! I admit, I'm a sucker for almost any type of hot chicken...
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Homemade Buffalo Chicken Fries

I'm a sucker for anything buffalo chicken, so why not create some homemade buffalo chicken fries?? The Super Bowl is coming up and these would make THE perfect game day appetizer. Drizzle on some blue cheese dressing and add some Gorgonzola crumbles, or leave them off...
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Spaghetti Squash Pizza Bake

Spaghetti squash is my absolute favorite pasta alternative, especially in this spaghetti squash pizza bake. The kids won't even realize you're sneaking in a veggie, it's that cheesy good. Obviously this pizza bake is not dairy free, but you could totally pull it off...
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Coconut Banana Bread Cookies

These coconut banana bread cookies are not only gluten-free but soft and moist just like a good loaf of banana bread. There's just a hint of coconut, and to be honest I didn't really taste much coconut, but it gives the cookies some texture and helps bind the...
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Slow-Cooker Hawaiian Chicken

Anybody else love slow-cooker recipes? This slow-cooker Hawaiian chicken recipe lets you throw everything into the slow-cooker as you head out the door and then be ready for dinner as soon as you walk in the door! I love slow-cooker recipes because it takes the stress...
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Chicken Gyro Lettuce Wraps

These chicken gyro lettuce wraps are the perfect on-the-go lunch to take to work. Chicken gyros are my favorite and this lettuce wrap version does not disappoint. They also incorporate my dairy-free, homemade tzatziki  sauce which is SO. GOOD. I like to throw these...
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Gluten-free Banana N’Oatmeal

This gluten-free banana n'oatmeal is the perfect comfort food, especially for recovering from the stomach flu that hit our house this past weekend. What's n'oatmeal? Well, it's an alternative to traditional oatmeal that removes the oats and instead replaces them with...
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Chicken Bacon Honey Mustard Salad

This chicken bacon honey mustard salad is high on flavor but low on sugars and unhealthy ingredients. I used to love eating honey mustard chicken salads at restaurants, but have you ever looked at the nutrition label for those? Most of the time they're higher in...
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Spinach Sausage Egg Muffins

Another weekly win in the breakfast department with these spinach sausage egg muffins. Make them ahead for the week, store in the refrigerator and just reheat and serve! They make the perfect on-the-go breakfast option that the whole family will enjoy. The best part...
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Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

These buffalo chicken lettuce wraps are the perfect healthy alternative to one of my absolute favorite foods. The buffalo chicken bites are gluten-free using a light Tapioca flour breading and cooked in coconut oil. You could also go the grilled chicken route for...
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Working with Jennifer has been amazing. Under her leadership we’ve completely revamped our course design processes and procedures, as well as our method of course evaluation. Her grasp of processes and procedures, coupled with her expertise in curriculum design has helped our team go from a rag-tag group of course builders to a skilled group of Instructional Design professionals.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jennifer on many instructional design and curriculum projects. Her talent for looking past surface-level course or content requirements to consider the spiraling, big-picture nature of quality curriculum makes her a wonderful leader and advocate for rigorous, engaging e-learning.


Where Will You Travel To In 2017?

Where will you travel to in 2017? Remember when I challenged all of my readers to pick just ONE place they've always wanted to visit and make it happen in 2017? Well I'm going to hold you accountable and see it through! Start with something that's achievable, but yet...
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Wrapping up Wanderlust 2016

What a whirlwind Wanderlust 2016 has been! This year we traveled to more destinations than we have in previous years and soaked up some of the most gorgeous sites the lower 48 states have to offer! As 2016 is coming to a close, we're taking some time to reflect back...
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Wanderlust and Wellness 2016 Reader Survey

What a wonderful year we've had here at Wanderlust and Wellness! 2016 marks the year Wanderlust and Wellness moved from a dream to a reality! This year we launched the Wanderlust and Wellness blog and put our dreams into action! (That's a lot of exclamation points!)...
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Wanderlust and Wellness Heads to the Pacific Northwest

To me, the Pacific Northwest seems like such a magical place. The lush green color, clear blue lakes, mountains, waterfalls, rivers and streams, it’s a Wanderlust heaven. For several years I have wanted to travel to the Pacific Northwest and decided this year would be...
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Travel Tips for the Paleo Traveler

Traveling and eating healthy does not have to be difficult. It can be a challenge, especially if you’re flying and having to navigate all of the airport rules and regulations regarding what can and cannot be taken through security. In this post I’ll share some of the...
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Getting to know the Founder

Hi there! I’m Jennifer, healthy-ish foodie, wanderlust junkie, eLearning expert and the founder of Wanderlust and Wellness + My eLearning Academy. It’s my mission in life to help others create a life they love! 

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Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

These Nashville Hot Chicken sandwiches will have your mouth watering, begging for more! If you've ever been to Nashville, and you're a foodie, you know that the Nashville hot chicken sandwich is a MUST try! I admit, I'm a sucker for almost any type of hot chicken...

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Top 10 Most Saved Recipes

Over the past 2 years we’ve created over 150+ recipes for our audience. Of those recipes, there are some that everyone just LOVED! That’s why we wanted to share with you our top 10 most saved recipes of all time!

Healthy Travel Checklist

Traveling doesn’t mean you have to ditch eating well. This is a checklist I personally use when traveling.

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