Getting Started with Online Courses with Cindy Nicholson

Episode 18

WWP018: Getting Started with Online Courses with Cindy Nicholson from The Course Whisperer

In Episode 18, we’re talking with Cindy Nicholson from The Course Whisperer.

Cindy is joining us today for a {live well} episode and we’re going to dive into how to get started creating your first online course. Cindy started out teaching high school math and Phys. Ed., but quickly realized that while she enjoyed teaching she didn’t enjoy the subject. She then later moved into corporate training and quickly realized she had a passion for helping others create quality online training and course materials. Cindy now helps entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their business with online courses and helps walk them through the course creation process, helping them create a quality course they can be proud of.


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The Course Whisperer

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