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I see you, staring into the gym windows nervous to go inside.
I see you, scanning the infomercials late at night looking for the ONE answer to it all.
I see you, walking mindlessly on the treadmill while eyeing the weight area but too afraid to venture over there.
I see you, reading, pinning, saving every fitness tip, trick, and recommendation you can find trying to figure out which one is THE best
I see you, wanting to take that fitness class but scared because you’re ‘the fat girl’.

I know you, because I’ve been there.
I know you, because I’ve done all of this.
I know you, because I am you.

You see, for so many years I struggled with trying to become something else, something more, something not flawed, something better. Instead of embracing my journey I tried to pretend it didn’t exist. I tried to hide my journey, skip past it and pretend I was already at the finish line. I stuck my head in the ground and told myself once I reach XYZ goal THEN I’d have it. IT….what is IT? I’d be something more? I’d not be flawed? I’d be better?

My health journey has been a long and arduous one, filled with ups and downs, diets, shakes, pills, programs, you name it, I’ve tried it. I knew what I needed to do but my mindset was never aligned with my actions. I became a Beachbody coach several years ago thinking THAT was the answer! But you know what the problem was? I tried being something I wasn’t. I tried to pretend I had it all figured out, I had all of the answers, I skipped over my journey and tried to be that person at the finish line. I tried to preach confidence when I had none. I tried to teach a healthy mindset when my own mindset was lost. I tried to teach goal setting when I lacked my own. I tried to teach grit and persistence when my own limiting beliefs hindered me. And most importantly, I tried to teach others to embrace their journey when I had ignored my own. I wasn’t ready to be that coach for you.


The result…I failed. I gave up. I bailed. Like I had so many times before.


Then one day I decided to REALLY dig deep into my inner self. I started to visualize the change I wanted. I started to connect my WHY to my actions. I put my own oxygen mask on first. I dug down deep, starting with my nutrition and my relationship with food. As time went on I began to change my habits and behaviors from the inside out. I embraced my journey. I embraced what I was. I embraced the label…Plus Size.

I embraced that label with a big F-U! What I discovered along the way was health has no size. Fit has no boundaries. And that’s my message to each of you!


To the woman waiting for the scale to hit a certain number before you LIVE, ignore it.

To the woman overthinking it all, just start.

To the woman scared to reveal her story, embrace it.


Whether you’re just starting out or ready to reboot and restart, I’m here to support YOU! I’m ready to be that coach for you!


Don’t hide.

Don’t be ashamed.

Don’t wait for that after picture.

Don’t be afraid to just start.


Who am I and what makes me qualified to help you?

Bullied by kids growing up about my weight.

Bullied by one of my teachers who referred to me as Jenny Craig (weighed 115 pounds).

3 sport athlete in high school but still labeled as the ‘fat girl’ (at 115 pounds).

Yo-yo dieting as a teen including periods of eating next to nothing to binging.

First pregnancy problems that included massive amounts of fluid retention and swelling resulting in stretch marks all over my body and my stomach wall never returning to normal.

3 more pregnancies afterwards, fairly close together.

Depression and anxiety as a result of traumatic life events (many as a result of my own poor choices due to my lack of self-confidence).

Pills (Phentermine to be exact).

Weight loss, weight gain, (put on repeat).

Peak weight at 245 pounds.

Zero self-confidence.

Gave up on working out because I told myself those programs just don’t work for someone ‘like me’.

A-HA Moment

Began mindset work.

Focused on nutrition because I knew food and my relationship with food was huge for me.

Lost 30 pounds.

Embraced my label and made fitness a priority.

Made it my mission to help other women do the same.


My goal is to break down those labels and talk about the elephant in the room…plus-size fitness. Forget the before and after pictures and let’s start looking at the journey in the middle. Let’s embrace our plus-size bodies DURING the journey. Let’s talk about our struggles, let’s talk about our challenges. Let’s do the modified moves. Let’s take a pause when we need to and not be ashamed. Let’s be okay with not having it all mastered from the start. Let’s embrace modifying the modifier. Let’s create our own modified moves when there isn’t a modifier. Let’s ignore the after picture and embrace the NOW.

Making a healthy lifestyle change is more than just buying a program, shake, or supplements. It all starts with MINDSET, and that’s why I’m ready for the next step in my health journey, which is to help each of YOU embrace YOUR journey and create profound change in your life.

Mindset + confidence + nutrition + fitness


Are you ready to make that change you’ve been longing for?

Are you ready to get out of your own head and make things happen?

Are you ready to put on your own oxygen mask and make YOU a priority?

Are you ready to embrace your start, end, AND the journey in between?


Join me in my private Own Your Story support and accountability group. This is a completely FREE 5 day group where we will start breaking down those barriers and get you ready to hit the ground running.  Own Your Story groups start on the 2nd Monday of every month and run for 5 days. 

As part of Own Your Story, you’ll get:

  • 5 day journaling activity to connect you to your WHY
  • Exercises to start breaking down those limiting beliefs and start building those foundational skills to set you up for success
  • 1:1 consultation to determine which fitness program is aligned with your NOW

But most importantly, you will gain





The Strength to be unapologetically you

If you’re ready to embrace your journey and go after your WHY, join me NOW! Email jennifer@wanderlustandwellness.org and put TAKE BACK CONTROL in the subject line or just go straight to the Own Your Story group and join!

Take Back Control


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