I know what you’re thinking. “Jennifer, just stop right there because I don’t know anything about creating an online course, that will never happen!” The fact of the matter is yes, you CAN create a profitable online course with a littel help and guidance. Below are 5 reasons why you, and anybody else for that matter, should create an online course and start turning their passion into a profit.



1. Make an impact

Our greatest successs in life are found in how we help others succeed. What are you passionate about? What topics would you thoroughly enjoy teaching others about? When we lean into what lights us up, work becomes more enjoyable. The key to any effective teachable moment is the transformation we provide our students with. What problem can you solve for others? Start brainstorming or use our 5 Quick Steps to Validate Your Online Course as a guide.

2. Create your own business

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but the freedom and flexibility of running your own business can’t be ignored. Your personal business can be as big or as small as you want it to be. That’s the joy of entrepreneurship, you control your own destiny! Want a small hobby with a side of additonal income, go for it! Want to grow your business into a full-time income, go for it! The sky is the limit and the possibilities with developing online courses are endless. What are you waiting for??

3. Bring in additional, passive income

While on the subject of income, creating and selling online courses allows you to create an additional stream of revenue. Now, what you won’t find me telling you is that you’re going to make six figures with your first launch and be sipping margaritas on the beach while cash flows into the bank. Is that possible, yes. Does it take time, work, and effort, yes. The reality is you can very well create profitable online courses that bring in passive income. The reality is also it takes work, but who’s afraid of a little work, right?

4. Increased Flexiblity and Low Startup Costs

There are many different types of businesses one could start up, however, some require a much larger time commitment than others. Additionally, selling any type of physical goods usually requires a large overhead of inventory which means needing funds up front before you start bringing in income. My advice to you is to do your research and determine which business suits your passion and your needs. If you choose online courses, there’s a range of advantages, which includes low start up cost and more flexibility with your time. You can essentially create, build, and launch an online course for very minimal costs. Once your course is launched, your time commitment is determined by you. Now, you don’t want to leave your online students deserted, however, running asynchronous online courses requires a much less time commitment than say one on one services.

5. It’s fun!

Tapping into our creativity allows us to tap into our creative passions, our intuition, and allows us to freely express ourselves. The joy of being a creative entrepreneur is that even though you may be in the depths of systems, processes, and sales, there is a time in which you’re able to create. What you create is yours, and that is a joyous feeling. Creating online courses is fun! Yes, you heard me right. You get to create a product that not only solves a problem for someone else but allows you to share your passion with others in the form of something YOU own.

“Without creativity, we are all less inspired, less inventive, less resourceful, less socially aware, less globally aware, less of a society… and ultimately less human”.

Nigel Carrington, vice-chancellor at the University of the Arts, London


Bottom line is, creating a profitable online course isn’t a get rich quick scheme. If that’s what you’re looking for then you might want to go back to the drawing board. However, if you’re willing to build relationships, solve a problem for a particular audience and invest the time, effort, and fortitude of growing an online course into a profitable business, I highly encourage you to take that leap and get started!


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Working with Jennifer has been amazing. Under her leadership we’ve completely revamped our course design processes and procedures, as well as our method of course evaluation. Her grasp of processes and procedures, coupled with her expertise in curriculum design has helped our team go from a rag-tag group of course builders to a skilled group of Instructional Design professionals.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jennifer on many instructional design and curriculum projects. Her talent for looking past surface-level course or content requirements to consider the spiraling, big-picture nature of quality curriculum makes her a wonderful leader and advocate for rigorous, engaging e-learning.


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