6 Reasons your audience is never coming back

You’ve created your online course, you’ve had stellar enrollments, but your students aren’t finishing the course and are never coming back.

Sound familiar?

If it does, below are 6 possible reasons your audience might be hitting the high road and never looking back.


Nightmare Navigation

Online courses need to flow smoothly, not just in terms of physical navigation but within content, too.

If your content jumps all over the place and leaves your students totally confused, this is a problem. Content needs to flow smoothly, logically, and scaffold (or build) from one topic to the next.

Solution: Get a second set of eyes on your course. As the course author and content expert, you won’t see the gaps. Grab a colleague and have them go through your course and provide feedback. Better yet, ask your STUDENTS for feedback at the end.


Boring Content

Nothing is worse than reading long lecture after long lecture.


Solution: Your students need to connect with the content. Period. Break your content down into digestible chunks AND provide opportunities for them to connect the content to their own real world experiences.


LONG videos

To piggyback on the subject of boring content, step away from the long videos that drone on and on. Your students want quick, digestible chunks of information.

 Solution: Keep your videos to no longer than 3-4 minutes. If you need longer than that, chunk them out into separate videos. Your students will thank you.


No Results

Every online course should have set outcomes that the students will have learned and/or mastered by the end of your course, AND the course materials should all map back to one or more of those objectives.


Outcome: In this course you will learn how to create a 3-part video series on XYZ.

Course Evidence: No activities whatsoever that actually teach this skill or allow the students to implement.

This is a problem and you’ll have angry students filling up your inbox and leaving crappy reviews.


Solution: Make sure you have measurable outcomes for your course, and, make sure that every single content item ties back to one or more of those outcomes. (Note: we’ll dive deep into how to do this inside the Academy)


Work Overload

Signing up for an online course only to find out it’s going to take a boatload more work than you anticipated is THE WORST! Right?!?

Your students are busy, they have jobs, other responsibilities, etc. They need to be able to plan accordingly. If they log into your course and see HOURS of work ahead of them when it wasn’t expected, they’re going to turn and run for the hills!

Solution: Provide your students with an estimated time for completion for each activity and for the course as a whole. Give them this information upfront so they can make an educated decision before enrolling.


Zero Support

I get it, you’re busy, they’re busy, but as the course owner there needs to be some form of support available. Technology is anything but predictable, so having a support plan in place is a must!

Solution: Determine your support structure ahead of time and include this inside your course via your policies section. This way you’re both clear on expectations.

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