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Throughout my time helping strong, alpha females rediscover themselves, one common misconception keeps resurfacing. This misconception being the fear that if they release the control of their inner alpha female they’ll no longer be driven, strong, or successful.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

As women we have both a feminine and masculine mindset. Our masculine side comes out when we push towards achieving goals, completing to-do lists, conquer all the tasks set before us. Our feminine side comes out when we embrace our creative energy, listen to our intuition and allow the natural flow of life to guide us.

Think of our masculine and feminine sides as yin and yang. They need to be balanced in order to live harmoniously, in alignment with our intuition.  

When we allow our masculine mindset to take over and diminish our feminine flow, we become unbalanced, overwhelmed and almost at a loss. We know we want something more but we can’t quite pinpoint it.

As women we need to release the masculine alpha female mindset, and embrace our feminine flow. As a society, we’ve perpetuated the growth of this masculine mindset in women by constantly sending the message of be strong, be enough, be more.

We also misunderstand what our feminine mindset represents. Stepping into your feminine flow doesn’t mean you become the cutesy damsel in distress!

Releasing the masculine, alpha female mindset simply means YOU are taking back control and nurturing your feminine energy.

No longer do you have to constantly drive the bus.



No longer do you have to put what you want on the back burner.
No longer do you have to be driven by not feeling enough.

It means driving the bus when we WANT to rather than feeling as though we have no choice.
It means sitting back and being the passenger when we want.
It means setting boundaries.
It means respecting ourselves enough to show self-compassion and self-care.
It means creating the BEST version of ourselves for our loved ones.
It means embracing our natural feminine side.

You’ll still be just as strong, driven, and successful as you were before.

But now it will come from a place of intention, from a place of alignment, from a place of choice and balance.

See the difference?

Below are 6 ways you can begin releasing the masculine, alpha female mindset and step into your feminine flow.

Embrace your emotions.

When our masculine driven alpha female mindset is in control, we shut off our emotions and function strictly from our logic brain. Our masculine mindset is driven by logic.

Begin listening to your emotions. Allow yourself to feel, and to express your emotions freely. Engage in activities that tap into our heart space, just as journaling or creative writing.

Allow yourself spontaneity and time to play

When we’re busy tackling to-do lists and pushing towards goals we end up forgetting about spontaneity and play and become overworked (and over-masculinized). Brain science actually supports time for play. As Edward Hallowell indicated in his book, Shine, without play, peak performance is impossible. Play allows our brains to create, to imagine, to discover.

Prioritize time for relaxation, for play, for spontaneity. This will help you release the control of your masculine mindset and feed your feminine soul.

Show yourself self-compassion

Our inner mean girl, negative self-talk, and constant second guessing ourselves are all actions driven by our masculine, alpha female mindset. Showing ourselves forgiveness or compassion is seen as weak by the masculine mindset (validated in a masculine driven society).

Forgive yourself of all your mistakes of the past. Accept them as parts of your story and embrace them as valuable pieces of who you are today. Accept that where you are now is exactly where you need to be. Shower yourself with self-compassion.

Honor your truth

When we allow our masculine mindset to take control we get sucked into the ‘shoulds’. We begin doing tasks we think we should, rather than what we feel aligned with. We quiet our inner voice.

Quiet your mind and listen to your inner voice. What is it calling you to do? Take up a new hobby, change jobs, move to a new location, create? Whatever it is, listen to it, honor it and begin living in alignment. Let go of things (events, people, tasks) that are not aligned with your truth.

Spend time in nature

Mother nature is abundant in feminine energy. Spending time in natural locations allows us to tap into that energy. Spend time outside and engage with nature. Go barefoot in the grass and connect with the Earth. Connecting with feminine energy allows us to replenish our own feminine mindset.

Get Creative

Masculine energy is driven by logical tasks. When our masculine mindset is in control we diminish our own creativity, essentially squashing our feminine mindset.

Allow yourself time to be creative. This doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be art related, creativity is simply the the use of the imagination to produce something. Dream up new ideas, express yourself artistically, write, dance, simply embrace creativity.

Bonus – Essential Oils for Feminine Energy

Ylang Ylang – A sweet, soft, flowery oil known to reconnect women with their inner child and the pure, simple ways of the heart. Ylang Ylang encourages intuition, emotional connection, joy, innocence and healing. Ylang Ylang pairs well with Geranium, Tangerine, Wild Orange, Rose and Red Mandarin. 

Rose – The oil of love, carrying a higher vibration than any other oil on the planet. It heals the heart, being known as the oil of the heart chakra. Rose pairs well with Geranium, Manuka, and Arborvitae. 

Jasmine – A warm, exotic oil known to balance feminine energy, often used during childbirth. It’s also a powerful oil for romance and intimacy, pairing well with Cinnamon, Neroli, yYang Ylang, Rose and Sandalwood. 

Neroli – An intensely feminine oil, Neroli calms our emotional state and redirects our energies. Neroli is the oil of shared purpose and partnership, encouraging active acceptance in our romantic relationships. This balance is an important part between males and females in relationships. Neroli pairs well with Geranium, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Marjoram, and Spikenard.


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