You hit publish on your online course and then walk away with dreams of cash streaming to your bank account and never look back.

Sound familiar?

Problem is, online should not equate deserted.


Don’t leave your students stranded with ZERO support.

Below is a quick temperature check you can use to assess your current level of student support.

Do you have:

  1. Formal support policy linked within the course
  2. Tutorials on how to navigate the course available to all students inside the course.
  3. Contact information listed within the course.
  4. BONUS: Feedback mechanism is provided to all students at the end of the course.

Why support?

Without support you increase the risk of your students becoming frustrated and bailing.

Think of your own experience with online learning.

What happened when you needed help?

When the technology failed?

When a link was broken?

When you had trouble with a topic or concept?

Hopefully you had a support system you could reach out to. If you didn’t, I’m going to guess your frustration level increased.


If you’d like to do a full temperature check on your online course, download my free course health checklist below. 

As the course author, you get to determine the specifics when it comes to support.

However, don’t use that as an opportunity to provide absolutely no support for your students.

Your students will thank you!