my elearning academy

Anyone who’s spent time in the entrepreneurial world knows that online courses, or eLearning, is the wave of the future! In fact, on-demand eLearning in general is the wave of the future at all educational levels.

However, the online course sector of the entrepreneurial world is a bit like the Wild, Wild West at the moment!


What do I mean by this?

In the education world, there are guidelines and standards put in place to make sure there’s some actual quality when it comes to online education.

Does the course actual teach AND assess the set outcomes?

Is the workload appropriate?

Is the content navigation user friendly?

Does the content hit various learning modalities?

Is the content accessible for all users?

Is the content delivered in such a way conducive to learning? (i.e. chunking, scaffolding, etc.)

Are there opportunities for real-world connections?

Are there opportunities for practice before mastery?

These are just a handful of criterion for an exemplary online course.

“But I don’t need that, I’m not creating a course for higher education.”


If you’re creating online courses, then you’re committing to TEACHING your students the outcomes you set forth.

If not, you’re essentially taking their money and not delivering what was promised.

We don’t want to do that, right??

It’s actions like this that give the online course sector a bad rap, and I for one want to eliminate that by EMPOWERING entrepreneurs to create effective online courses that deliver the outcomes and have your customers coming back for me.

Developing solid online courses that DELIVER the identified outcomes is a science! It’s like baking, you must have the correct ingredients, in the correct amount, to get the outcome you’re looking for! Am I right?!?

Alas, the birth of My eLearning Academy. A community of learning built by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs who want to stop wasting time creating courses that flop, take the guesswork out of the development process and create effective online courses that will have your audience coming back for more.  

So who am I?

My entire professional career, over 19+ years, has been in the education industry, first starting out in the K-12 system before moving on to higher education at the university level. I’ve developed multiple online courses using a variety of curricular models as an instructional designer and have written and developed multiple online courses for both hybrid and online institutions. I continually participate in research and editorial responsibilities within the field, presenting nationally at the Online Learning Consortium International Conference on Online Learning, Summer Institute on Distance Learning and Instructional Technology, and the annual conference for the Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance. I’ve served in leadership positions overseeing a team of instructional designers for an entire university.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from William Jewell College, a Master of Arts in Teaching – Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Saint Mary and an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Technology from the University of Missouri, Columbia.

What’s on the menu?

We’re working feverishly behind the scenes to build a membership community that will guide you on how to create effective online courses.

We’re also listening to YOU, the entrepreneurs! We’ve collected feedback from multiple entrepreneurs and we’re listening. We want the academy to meet YOUR needs.

Want to send us your feedback? Just fill out this survey and we’ll hear you loud and clear!

Here’s a high-level overview of what may be included inside the academy:

  • 4-6 course bundle on developing EFFECTIVE online courses
  • Templates to help take the guesswork out of the development process
  • Access to private FB group with LIVE Q&A sessions plus bonus tips and strategies
  • Discounted and/or free access to bonus content; webinars, online summits, additional courses, etc.
  • Bonus courses on additional topics such as marketing, FB ads, sales funnels
  • Micro-Credentialing badge for online course development


HOWEVER, we do want to be clear that this is not an academy on how to make $1 million dollars off of arbitrarily selling online courses to anyone and everyone.

How I Made $32,680 With an Online Course and How You Can Too – sound familiar? Not here!! 

Sorry, if that’s your preference this academy probably isn’t for you.

We will, however, include bonus content and guest speakers on additional topics such as marketings and sales.

Academy doors won’t open until 9.30.17 BUT you can jump on the waitlist now! Joining the waitlist will also give you first access to the pre-sale! Can you say #discount?!?

You can also join the free private FB group here >>>>> Facebook Community >>> where we’ll be collaborating and connecting over strategies for creating KILLER online courses.

(This community group will be separate from the paid membership FB group)