Online Courses + Service = Big Magic

We know that many of today’s digital natives and adult learners prefer quick, online learning. This is why the online learning industry is a billion dollar industry! Online courses are the epitome of just in time learning. No longer do we have to fork over thousands of dollars to take college level courses, when we can seek out only the topics we want to learn and take a micro course, or two, or three and gain the specific skills we want.

But, how do we connect with these online students and bring them into our own community? The answer is in building relationships. Yes, we could create an online course, post it up online with a price tag and start bringing in money to the bank. However, at that point they’re simply a one time transaction.

As business owners we want to create a community around our brand. We want our customers to become as invested in us as we are them. So, when it comes to online courses, if you want to really nurture your audience and create a community that thrives, then adding in 1:1 services as a complimentary piece to your online course will sky rocket your way there!



By combining the power of an asynchronous, just in time learning environment, such as online courses, with the influence of personalized, 1:1 services, your audience will thrive in your community. You’re showing your audience that you are invested in their success.

Here’s a couple example of how online courses + services could look for your business.

Online course on nutrition + 1:1 meal planning

In this scenario, either of those two options could essentially bring in customers, however, the power of the two combined would create a much stronger relationship between you and your customer (student), while also providing a more powerful transformation for them as well.  

Online course on understanding SEO + 1:1 SEO review of customer’s website

Again, in this scenario, either option could potentially work alone, but the goal should be to provide your audience with the best transformation possible and build those relationships.



Think of this combination similar to your K-12 school days. Typically, in the journey of a teaching a new concept there’s opportunities for the students to receive both guided and independent practice. By combining online courses with 1:1 services you’re essentially creating that same learning environment, which is crucial for retaining the information.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Now it’s time to take action.

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If you’re ready to go with your online course topic, what service(s) could you combine in order to build that relationship with your audience?

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