champagne being poured over orange sherbet in a glass

Orange Sherbet Champagne Float


This orange sherbet champagne float is a SUPER simple cocktail to make for your next party that’s also fun and festive! Just two simple ingredients – orange sherbet and champagne!



  • 1 bottle champagne – chilled
  • 16 oz. orange sherbet
  • Fresh orange slices, if preferred


  1. Chill your champagne overnight.
  2. Add 2-3 scoops of orange sherbet to a champagne glass.
  3. Pour chilled champagne over the sherbet and serve.
  4. Garnish with fresh orange slices, if preferred.


  • Swap in Moscato, Prosecco, Rosé or another sparkling wine, if preferred.
  • To make a large batch, add all of the ingredients to a large punch bowl and serve.
  • For a mocktail, use 8 oz of sparkling water and 16 oz of orange juice.
  • Nutritional Disclaimer
  • Category: cocktails
  • Cuisine: American

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