The Un-Diet  Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle with Beth Roessner

Episode 14

WWP014: The Un-Diet Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle with Beth Roessner from The Rungry Health Coach

In Episode 14, we’re talking with Beth Roessner from The Rungry Health Coach.

Over the last six years Beth has transformed her life going from a lifetime couch potato to marathoner and Ironman. She’s here to tell you that it did not come easy. During this time she completely overhauled her diet from processed foods to real foods–As she said, if it came from a box, bag or can, odds are she definitely ate it. Learning how to be a runner also came with its own struggles, on top of struggling with disordered eating habits most of her life. She was motivated to become a coach because I didn’t want people to suffer through weight loss the way she did, which was a pretty isolating experience. Beth helps her clients wean off the diet mentality and diet lifestyle and we’ll be talking more about the un-diet approach to a healthy lifestyle.


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