Learning to Eat Intuitively with Kasey Goins

Episode 17

WWP017: Learning to Eat Intuitively with Kasey Goins from Well Fed Soul

In Episode 17, we’re talking with Kasey Goins from Well Fed Soul.

After battling disordered eating and exercise addiction for years, Kasey has finally been able to come to understand what it means and feels like to eat intuitively and exercise according to how my body feels. She loves natural and wholesome foods, recipe development, and focusing on feeding the body with nourishing, yet pleasurable, foods!


Connect with Kasey!

You can find and connect with Kasey at:

The Well Fed Soul



Download Kasey’s Body Acceptance Workbook

Additional Recommendations from Kasey:

Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch
Any podcast with Isabel Foxen Duke (she’s a Godsend!)
Podcasts: Food Psych; The Chasing Joy Podcast; Let it Out with Katie Dalebout


Resources Mentioned

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