turning 40

Today is the day….today I turn 40. I recently read an article from Huffington Post entitled; 15 Things to Love About Turning 40, and boy was it spot on! My favorite of the 15:

1. You make decisions for yourself.

2. You tame the inner critic in your head.

3. You finally use your gut instinct.

7. You have resilience.

11. You are more beautiful. – “Any 40-something women who decides to eat well and find one exercise they like to do looks better than they did at 20. Yes, you may lose the baby fat or spring, but there is beauty in living a full life. You see yourself more kindly. You feel at home in you body, and it shows.”

If you’ve followed my blog from the beginning you may have noticed that I stopped posting for about 3 months. 3 months! I let the corporate 9-5 stress interfere with what I really wanted! I didn’t make decisions for what I wanted, I didn’t tame the inner critic in my head that told me I was crazy for ever thinking my blog would take off or that I could write a cookbook, I didn’t go with my gut instinct that told me to follow my passion, I didn’t have resilience to overcome the stress, and I didn’t have the confidence to keep up with my healthy living routine. Instead I kept telling myself I didn’t have time, I didn’t have the skillset needed to be successful, I could try it again later, when things calmed down, when life was easier.

Don't Wait Quote

But then I realized, after reading this quote my mom recently shared, that there is no ‘later’. You have to live now, chase your dreams now, go after what you want NOW! You can’t wait until the project at work is over, the kids are older, or when things are simpler, easier, or better.

So today, today I will remember those 15 things as I turn 40 and I will go back to doing what I really want, go back to chasing my dreams, and go back to designing the life I’ve always wanted but kept telling myself ‘later’.

See ya on the blog!!