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Bloggers, I feel ya! I know exactly how frustrating and isolating it can feel in the first years of blogging. You’re excited about sharing what you love with an audience and you hustle away (many times solo) churning out good content. After months, and then sometimes years, of that hustle you can still be sitting in a position where you’re making little to no money. I know, I was there.

I can remember it vividly, December of 2016. My blog had slowly made traction over the past 14 months and my pageviews were slowly starting to increase to those magical numbers set by the Ad Gods. I had just spent the entire month of November churning out a Thanksgiving meal guide with over 15 recipes plus shopping list, and one of my recipes had been picked up by a Yummly email roundup, skyrocketing my traffic! This was it, I was finally going to break through that glass ceiling and reach ‘successful blogger’ status!

Then….December came and my pageviews slowly declined. And by decline I mean tank. I was devastated.

What did I do wrong?
How could I fix it?

Then, all of the self-doubt set in.

I’m just not good enough.
My photos are crap.
I jumped into blogging too late.
The food blogging market is too saturated.
I’m not an expert in anything to be seen as credible.

I was ready to throw in the towel and forget about it!

Hours spent staring at my pageviews in Google Analytics.
Hours spent mindlessly interacting in share groups, liking content that didn’t even resonate with me all in the name of interaction.
Hours spent speaking, posting, interacting to only hear crickets (plus a few relatives) interact.

And for what?

I had surrendered to the notion that I HAD to have thousands of pageviews in order to tap into ad revenue and affiliate content to ever make a dime with my blog.


But, I’m no quitter, in fact I think tenacious is my middle name. Okay….so I may have given up for a hot second (or like 6 months) but, what I did was spend those six months doing some serious soul searching and research on how to beat the pageview/ad revenue/affiliate monster at its own game.


Your blog content is GOLD, and from gold you can create many other beautiful items.

1:1 services
Online courses
Physical Product

Each of those above items are all additional streams of revenue that YOU can create and YOU can control!

Let’s talk specifically about online courses, shall we?

First things first, let’s dispel any misconceptions around online courses.

**No, you do not have to have an education background in order to create a quality online course.
**Yes, you can absolutely create a quality online course on a small budget.
**Yes, you can absolutely create a quality online course that directly complements your current blog content.

Are we good?


Creating online courses is a natural path to extending the value and reach of your blog content. Think of your blog content and the valuable lessons of your online course as a synergistic relationship. For example; If your blog content is around health and wellness, you could create a course around a range of topics . If your blog content is around marketing, you could create a course around a specific marketing strategy or skill. If your blog content is around knitting, you could create a course around how to get started knitting, or how to do a specific knitting technique.

The possibilities are ENDLESS!


No more isolation.

No more feeling lost and overwhelmed.

No more tears of frustration.


Join our Blogger to Course Creator Facebook group and let’s get you started creating your first online course!

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