The Power is Within You - A 12 Week Series by Wanderlust and WellnessThe Power is Within You Series – Day 1

Today’s post is the first in the The Power is Within You series. This series will be a 12 week series where we’re going to focus solely on the mental side of making a lifestyle change. Within this series there will be a sequence of journaling exercises that are going to help you get down deep inside yourself to really help you make that transition from a diet mindset to lifestyle. We hear a lot about journaling in the healthy living space, however, not all journaling exercises are the same. Don’t worry, we’re not entering weird, woo-woo, tapping into the power of the universe here…we’ll save that for later {wink}.

But with that being said, for this first exercise we’re going to journal for how food makes us feel after each meal. How many of you have heard the recommendation of ‘listen to your body’, ‘eat what your body craves’, or something along those lines. I can remember when I first heard that, I thought okay, now what does that exactly mean? What am I looking for when I say I’m going to ‘listen to my body’ after eating? Journaling allows us to tap into the deeper connections we have with the foods we’re eating. 

For this exercise, I do not want you to focus on tracking your food from a calorie, fat, carb, or any other macro standpoint. For the next week I want you to journal for how food makes you feel with every meal. I want you to record how you felt before you ate, and afterwards. I want you to rate your hunger levels, record your water intake and jot down any additional notes that might help us understand how food makes us feel. This exercise will not only help you understand the mental and emotional ties to eating, but will also give us a jump start on foods that may be causing issues like gas, bloating, fatigue.

Here are two journal entry sheets you can download and print for this exercise:

Daily Food Journal – Version 1

Daily Food Journal – Version 2

You’ll notice on each version there’s an area for you to record your meals, your hunger rating, your water intake for the day and a notes section. For the next week, complete this journal exercise daily:

  1. Record your meals for the day
  2. Rank your hunger rating before AND after each meal (use two different colored pens or whatever system that helps you differentiate between the two)
  3. Record your water intake
  4. Add additional notes for the day; how did you feel emotionally before, during and after each meal? how did your body feel after eating? any uncomfortable side effects like gas, bloating, fatigue, pain?

After the first week, reflect back upon your journal entries and see if you notice anything that stands out to you, any patterns. Obviously, one week is not nearly long enough but it’s a start. Continue this process for several weeks and really examine your notes. From there you can begin to identify where to start with small changes. Come back here to this blog post and share what you uncovered! Or, if you’d like a more intimate, private support setting, join us over in the Wanderlust and Wellness Community Group!

Next week we’ll move onto the second exercise in the The Power is Within You series where we’re going to really dive in and focus on understanding your why. Until then, see you in the Community Group!

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