with creamy lemon sauce

You’ll have an easy weeknight dinner option with this coconut crusted Mahi Mahi with creamy lemon sauce. Mahi Mahi recipes are some of my favoriet – they’re gluten-free and bakes in under 15 minutes.

The coconut crusted Mahi Mahi has a mild flavor that naturally pairs with the creamy lemon sauce, even the pickiest of kids might even give this a try!

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If you like a mild white fish, then Mahi Mahi is definitely for you. Mahi Mahi has a lean flesh with large, moist flakes. Its flavor is very mild with a hint of sweet, which is why pairing it with coconut and lemon is perfect.



Unlike other balsamic vinegar you may have tried, Olive Tree’s are high quality and bring forth a beautiful flavor profile. This White Lemon Balsamic Vinegar is thick and has just enough sweetness to compliment the normal tartness of vinegar.


– To make this dish gluten-free, the recipe calls for gluten-free panko bread crumbs. If gluten is not an issue, feel free to use regular panko bread crumbs.

– For a dairy-free option, replace the greek yogurt with full-fat canned coconut milk – 3/4 cup total for the sauce.

– The recipe calls for sweetened shredded coconut, but if lower sugar content is needed, feel free to swap in unsweetened shredded coconut.

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