Mimosa Board - Charcuterie Board with a Twist

It’s brunch season and you’re going to definitely want this Mimosa Board on your menu! It’s a twist on a charcuterie board idea, with three different mimosa options and all the fresh fruit to enjoy!

• orange juice • grapefruit juice • pineapple juice • fresh berries • bottles of Prosecco, Brut, or Champagne


Add 3 cups of juice to one carafe (30-35 ounce capacity). Then do the same with the other two juices.

Fill each of the carafe or pitcher the rest of the way with the Prosecco, Brut, or Champagne.

Place the carafes onto a large serving.

Place the fresh berries into small bowls and add to the tray and serve.

Be sure the juice and alcohol are chilled.

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