The Best Easter Charcuterie Board

If you’re ready to spice up your Easter menu and break away from the traditional recipes try serving up this beautiful Easter Charcuterie Board!

• 1-2 types of meat • 2 kinds of cheese • 2 seasonal fruits  • 2 seasonal vegetables • 1-2 types of spreads


Start by selecting the right board for your spread. You can use large cutting boards, slate boards, or large marble or ceramic platters.

Start by adding any small bowls you're going to use for spreads, placing them on opposite ends of the board.

Next, add your cheese and place them opposite from one another on the board. Place your crackers onto the board close to the cheese.

Next, place your veggies near the savory dip and the fruit near the sweet dip.

Next, make your salami roses and tuck them in close to the other items on the board. This helps keep their folded shape and easier for guests to grab meat and cheese together.

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