London Fog Shortbread Cookies

Curl up with a warm cup of tea and one of these gorgeous London Fog Shortbread Cookies. They’re perfect for your next brunch!

• unsalted butter • powdered sugar • all-purpose flour • pure vanilla extract • earl grey tea leaves


Add butter to a large mixing bowl and allow it to completely soften at room temperature.

Once butter is softened, add powdered sugar and vanilla to the bowl with the butter and mix on low until completely smooth and creamy.

Add in flour, salt, and Earl Grey tea, mix to combine. The dough should be thick and easy to manipulate. Lay out a sheet of plastic wrap, and transfer the dough on top of the plastic wrap.

Use your hands to begin to form the dough into a log shape. Wrap the dough with the plastic wrap and then roll until it forms a nice smooth log.

You can twist the ends of the plastic wrap to keep the ends secured. Transfer to the refrigerator and refrigerate overnight, or for at least an hour.

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