Quick and Easy Air Fryer Tuna Cakes

No messy pans or grease, just pop them in the air fryer and you’ll have dinner ready in under 15 minutes with these delicious Air Fryer Tuna Cakes.

• chunk tuna in water • eggs • seasoned breadcrumbs • mayo • lemon juice


Drain the tuna and place it into a large mixing bowl. Add the remaining ingredients and, using your hands, gently mix to combine.

If it seems too squishy, add a little more breadcrumbs to the mix. Spray your air fryer basket with cooking spray or olive oil.

Form the mixture into patties and place into the basket. Don’t overcrowd the patties; you’ll want room to be able to flip them easily.

Cook at 375 degrees F. for 12 minutes, flipping at the halfway mark. Remove and set aside.

Continue this process until all of the patties have been cooked. Serve immediately.

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