Cherry Vodka Cocktail

You’re going to love the flavor of this Cherry Vodka Cocktail. Not only is it perfectly sweet but it is smooth and the perfect slow sipper – a super easy cocktail to enjoy year-round.

• crushed ice • cherry vodka • simple syrup • grenadine • lemon-lime sparkling water


Fill a lowball glass with crushed ice.

Add in the vodka and simple syrup and stir. Then, fill the glass with the sparkling water.

Top off the glass with the grenadine, garnish with 1-2 cherries and serve.

The vodka flavor of this drink isn’t overpowering at all and it really lets the cherry flavor be the star of the show.

I would think that rum would also taste very good with this cocktail, too! If you want to try a different alcohol with this recipe, do so!

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